Geisterfaust - Servile Mirrors Of Animosity

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"In a dimly lit cellar somewhere in southwest Germany a storm of agony was brewing. A trio calling themselves GEISTERFAUST had tapped into a primal sense of anguish and manifested it into sound. Combining equal parts black metal and sludge the band had cultivated something brooding, violent, and deeply immersive. On November 5, 2021 these experiments in auditory tribulation were recorded live and raw, the way they were meant to be experienced. The result was SERVILE MIRRORS OF ANIMOSITY – an album of dark afflictions and unrestrained turmoil. Although it was recorded live in the presence of a crowd of people, it would be unwise to call it a “live album” – there is no banter, no introduction to any song, and minimal audience noise. It is simply in the true nature of this music to be presented in an undressed state. Servile Mirrors of Animosity was made available digitally shortly after recording and is now being brought to a larger audience with a physical release. Now the time has come for your part in this story – prepare to be swept away in the aural tumult!

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