Jason Crumer - Ruth

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"Ruth is Jason Crumer’s previously inaccessible harsh noise masterpiece. Recorded specifically for CD (and mastered apocalyptically loud) in 2004-05, Ruth was planned for release on numerous labels at the time of its completion, none of which came to fruition. Eventually, as if resigned to its fate, it was released as a highly limited tape on Nazot in 2008 - a format not at all conducive to the material. The noise on Ruth is razor-sharp and absolutely pummeling cut-up style harsh noise, executed with masterful attention to detail and sheer brutality, offering only a handful of brief moments for the listener to try and catch their breath. While less narrative and more dry than most of his other albums, the sound is nonetheless emotionally charged in a way that only Crumer can do it. A sense of emergency is felt within the first few seconds of the first track, and the bitter taste of crisis lingers throughout the entire 37+ minutes of the CD. Ruth is a recording of legend for those who have followed Crumer’s trajectory, now finally available to be heard as originally intended."