Sub/Orbital - Igniting The Derelict

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Sub/Orbital (Jay Jumawan) focuses on ambient textures and soundscapes. Through the six expansvely haunting tracks the listener is transported to realms outside of our own. From basking in the depths, to traversing dead earth, "Igniting The Derelict" explores and discovers new territory.

Samples: "...this collection of eerie recordings took me on a trip through eerie landscapes that range from a dead planet to being subdued under waves of murky water. Even in the subtlest of moments, the album can take on a menacing atmosphere, such as on "Igniting the Derelict" when a subtle backwash of reverberated sound transforms quickly from subtle background to a near crushing torrent of wind. Other, even more subtle tones take this aura on in "Probe" as I heard the gentle electronic oscillation slowly moves back and forth in the stereo field, as if this lonely satellite is pinging a lifeless void in the absent hopes of receiving a signal in return." - www.onthefringesofsound.com