Ash In Decay - Necrocrust

$9.00 CAD

"Braiding decrepit strains of early death metal, d-beat, crust and grindcore, Ash in Decay exemplifies an amalgam of tarnished anthems that can be construed as brusque as the title, Necrocrust.

Abrasive as the barbed howls and turgid bawling, an onslaught of socially charged song brandishes Ash in Decay’s ominous sentiment and brooding overtones towards modern “cultural cannibalism” and the unbearable lightness of pop-socio-political assimilation. Battening jagged leads over burdening riffs, the guitars fuse with wiry bass lines, pushed onward with d-beats and wailing death blasts. The brief, haunting intermezzos stitch this EP directly into the crusty coffin lining of an early to mid-90’s grave."