Bugfight - Demo 2022

$6.00 CAD / On Sale

"Throughout various parts of Asia, there exist communities centered around insect fighting. Two bugs of various species are pitted against each other in combat - often to the death - while spectators cheer and gamble on the results. This is the strange, frantic energy that feeds the Canadian band BUGFIGHT – a powerviolence / hardcore trio with a frenzied sound. After recording their last raw and noisy demo in 2019, the band was lying in wait for the perfect moment to strike – and that moment is now! Simply titled DEMO 2022, the newest output from BUGFIGHT contains 8 tracks of highly concentrated hardcore mayhem, each one thrashing madly in a bed of squealing feedback. Escape is not an option – this demo must be tackled head on!

Recommended for fans of:
Capitalist Casualties, Spazz, Dead In The Dirt"