CYESS AFXZS & SCATHING - Sunken Dimension

$15.00 CAD

"Cyess Afxzs and Scathing both represent the newer wave of harsh noise, with prolific output in recent years, coming up with top notch releases one after another, and in a way I feel it was only a matter of time for this fruitful collaboration to happen. These artists have a musical ear for harsh noise. We’ve been hearing it in their works with compositional, cinematic qualities. Perhaps because they live on different continents, the idea of them working actually together had not occurred to me before, but when I first time heard about this collaboration, it clicked in my head immediately: of course! A match made in heaven. This CD is a full-on collaboration, and you can recognize both artists’ hand prints, but they’re still creating something new together. I’ve been told that when you think it sounds like Cyess Afxzs, it’s probably Scathing, and vice versa."