Earthflesh/Eyerolls - Elemental Atrocities

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"The two unnaturally mountain-moving noise units EARTHFLESH and EYEROLLS embark on their first mutual journey through the vast and often monochromatic fields of noise and elongated drones – a trek that morphed into the evocative and beckoning ELEMENTAL ATROCITIES, that’s to be released via Bent Window Records on CD and Trepanation Recordings on tape.

ELEMENTAL ATROCITIES was conceived as a single, astonishing 58-minute piece conjoining the tangible human element with the often distancing mechanical one, together producing a sonic voyage of proportions rarely heard of. While the release was cut into two portions named “Fading Places” and “Elemental Atrocities”, respectively, the effort needs to be engulfed as a whole to be properly experienced and understood."