Impossible Colour - Dead Leaves

$8.00 CAD / On Sale

"Ontario's label WE HERE AND NOW has been paving the way for drone, experimental, and psych over the past little while. This gem is from the band IMPOSSIBLE COLOUR out of Montreal, who blend together the atmospheric doom of acts like SUNNO))) with the obliqueness of bands like THE BODY. Crushing guitar, barely bubbling above any form of "tuning" rumble next to staccato drumming hidden in the clouds of distortion. One might think to the SUNNO))) & BORIS collab "Altar" for reference, specifically the track "Etna" (one of my favourite tracks of all time). Screams out of a horrid void open up from all angles, some almost inhuman in their character. The vocals set this material apartfrom their contemporaries, as seemingly it places a non-linear path bleeding into the surroundings. Often bands incorporate vocals to add an element of emotional connection, this still accomplishes emotion but perhaps it's too harrowing for those unwilling to journey down the path of "Dead Leaves" wailing spectres. I am very intrigued by this material being perfomed live, given the sheer dissonance between all those players involved. Could this be performed live without a dissolve into chaos? That concept for me is immensely engaging. Very bleak material that deserves multiple listens!"

Highly recommended!