Julius Ménard - Separation

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"Artist's concept: "The main topic of this release are rituals that symbolize the transition of an individual or a group from one status to another, whether on a personal or social level. The concept was developed by Arnold Van Gennep in ‘Les Rite De Passage’, in which he explored the nature of ceremonies that mark personal or collective changes of identity.

Van Gennep identified three phases in these rites. First, the separation: when the individual or the group is distanced from their former identities; followed by liminality: the phase in between two conditions (the one from which the individual/group departs and the one which they will enter); and last, reaggregation (or incorporation): the final stage in which the individual/group is readmitted to society as bearer of new status.

It has less to do with the act of a ritual in detail and more to do with the transformation of the individual(s). One can interpret this topic on spiritual, political or socio-emotional levels.

This is a first of three tapes concentrating on the section of separation to define the isolation of an individual from their former peer group."