Like Weeds/Bastard Noise - Human Free Eden


"After a friendship of over 25 years, a couple of collaborative tracks, and sharing bills in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, it's an honour to finally present a full length split release between myself and BASTARD NOISE in the year of their 30th anniversary.

BASTARD NOISE recordings demand a lot from the listener. They demand patience. They demand concentration. They take me on a journey, both illuminating the actualities of my surroundings and propelling me to other realities. Abandoned spacecrafts, undiscovered worlds, hidden laboratories, the industries of commodities and the terror of environmental destruction are manifested in the INSECT WAR ELECTRONICS.
All power to the SKULL, long may it serve.

The four LIKE WEEDS tracks on this release were recorded between February and May 2021. The first two were recorded on either side of a month long hospital stay - one month of isolation, immobility and a deep sense of vulnerability. Live electronics are mixed with recordings made from the nights of that stay. The other two tracks are reflections on the area of South Lincolnshire in England. The area where I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence. The most pro-Brexit area of the UK, an area rife with resentment, fear, low expectations and the ever-present suggestion of violence. The area which I have now come to realize is my true home and the home of LIKE WEEDS."