Lord Of Confusion - Evil Mystery


"Lord of Confusion hails from Portugal and has been creating psychedelic stoner-doom nightmares since 2018. After their terrifying debut EP Burnin’ Valley and the epic 19 minute single Witchmantia the band has doubled down on the amount of horror they can bring with their first full-length album Evil Mystery! Featuring off-kilter keyboards, mournful moans, and a sea of filthy riffs this album takes everything great about the first two Lord Of Confusion releases and amplifies it! It is a heavy and twisted trip into the dark that will inspire ghostly visions for years to come! Morbid And Miserable Records will be releasing both CDs and cassette tapes in the United States and Gruesome Records will release CDs for the European market. Embrace the haunting sound and surrender your soul to the Evil Mystery!

Recommended for fans of:
Windhand, Ruby The Hatchet, Electric Wizard"