Metal Machine Ascension - Further Along Thee Cosmic Brick Road

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"Hailing from Edmonton, Ethan Bokma has been releasing small runs of drone and meditation music as Brick Road and a member of the greatly missed Holy Drone Travellers. Here his "Interdimensional Wellness" and "Lunch Break Meditation in the Grand Orchard of Mu" tapes are source material for this psychic journey beyond the Oort Cloud.. The tapes were manipulated in real time via modified tape deck, conjuring blissed out clouds of feedback eruptions in this session of mind melting cosmic glossolalia.

Inspired by Ethan's Brick Road and influenced in part by fellow Canadian travellers Wasted Cathedral, Anunnaki and The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, this project also salutes to Mike Vest's guitar maximalism, Fiorella16 sound experiments, Alice Coltrane, Harry Sword's Monolithic Undertow, finding bliss within the noise and life in the time of Covid.."