Origami Swan - Radioactivity Breath And Mysteries From Space

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The Robber Barons of Noisegrind have returned with “Radioactivity Breath and Mysteries From Space”; a voracious new album of frenzied grind, unsettling soundscapes, sample-laden cyber barrages and absolute cosmic madness.

Releasing on February 24, 2023 via Bent Window Records and Granite Tomb Records, their third album sees the Origami Swan returning from the outer dimensions of hideous space, to once again screams its nightmarish sounds of aural terror upon the unsuspecting world.

Previous collections of aural devastation such as “Traditional Kaiju Violence” and “The Unending Cruelty of Cosmic Madness” were physically manifested by .dotsmark records and have received great praise throughout various planes of existence and have apparently even been used as a form of psychological warfare in several dimensions.

Witness the insanity firsthand and prostrate yourself before the Origami Swan.