Quagga - 77​.​7FM "The Spirit"


Is the solitary home recordings of multi-disciplinary artist, Joshua Mackie (Gunk, Dark Mtns, Sun Organ, Idiot Forever, Prince of Yeti Mantra, Dub Sum Tapes, Ice Wizard Clone). Josh makes (mostly) lo fi recordings of whatever comes to his mind. No singular genre necessary.

Josh describes 77.7 FM “The Spirit” as “a fun way for me to abstractly describe my process.” and “Making whatever comes to me at that time and seeing the idea all the way through. Every time I sit down to make music I record something and 95% of those recordings I release or intend on releasing. Sort of like how a DJ decides to play the next song they think fits in with their set and vibe.”. Josh further explains the creation process as “just intuitive and it’s very honest. I’m showing my strengths and my weaknesses. And just like a DJ’s set on the radio you might love one song but hate the next, but there is something in there for anyone who’s open to it.”

100% weirdo music!