Sissy Spacek - Antitheater

$14.00 CAD

Sissy Spacek expands its Antipodean discography with ‘Antitheater’, recorded over two weeks in December 2021 and then put under the Wiese microscope and scalpel in 2023. Blown-out grindcore and frayed improvisations are crisped with distortion until their original forms distend and melt, chunks of noise-soaked saturations then cut into a series of short-form grotesqueries – each allocated its own CD track. Play it in sequence, or play it on random for a new listening experience each play.

CD pressing of 300 copies. Twelve page booklet with extended artwork from John and a detailed Sissy Spacek discography. If you are in the USA or USA adjacent, please get your copy direct from John – he has plenty of copies and postage will be much cheaper.