Vomit Breath - Confessions Of A Necrophiliac Priest

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"VOMIT BREATH are the most vile and disgusting entity to ever be birthed from the putrid bowels of the Tennessee mountains. Playing a raw and rotten hybrid of death metal and grindcore, Vomit Breath manage to avoid any trappings of either genre and just create dirty, deviant music for sick freaks.
Inspired heavily by cult classic horror films from the 70's and 80's, this is the audial manifestation of the goriest and sleaziest the genre had to offer. Fans of bands like Autopsy, Agathocles, Rot, and Repulsion are sure to find sick, gut-churning pleasure from this noise.
This tape collects the band's 2015 Full-Length, "Confessions of a Necrophilac Priest", the 2018 tracks from the "Tremendous American Carnage" compilation and the 2011 Demo.
New, reimagined art from the blasphemous mastermind, @marga.cabra. Extra offensive!"