Warcoe - The Giants Dream

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"WARCOE is a band that hails from Italy and is well-versed in the most ancient ways of doom metal. That is to say: much like Black Sabbath, although they dwell in the darkness, they aren’t afraid to kick into a hard rocking groove when the situation calls for it! Influenced by a variety of heavy metal progenitors, the three-piece got together in 2021and dubbed their sound “groovy doom from the abyss” for reasons that become apparent upon hearing it. After teasing the world with a self-titled EP late that year, Warcoe’s full-length album THE GIANT'S DREAM has come to fruition and is now ready to cast a long shadow over listeners’ hearts! With eight tracks of mischievous, rhythmic doom metal, Warcoe proves that they have the mettle to uphold the old ways. The Giant’s Dream is available on cassette tape from Morbid And Miserable Records and on CD from Forbidden Place Records. Make ready your soul and turn the volume up!

Recommended for fans of:
Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Lord Vicar"