Coffin Vomit - Moss

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Harsh noise wonder from Norway...

"As a child, I would spend my days in the forest as there was nothing else around for miles. I lost that when I grew older and rural life became a bore, and the intentions and noise of the outside world became a reality. Three years ago, it slowly crept back to me as a moment in life I needed again, so I was drawn back into the forest. I spent most of my time there, foraging for mushrooms and other usable goods nature had to offer. Living in a “big” city during the pandemic and needing to deal with my own traumatic situation, I returned to the forest and found that love again. I felt free.

The first part of my nature obsessive harsh noise will be about moss. Nothing has given me more comfort in the past two years than laying down, face first, smelling the moss, a unique earthy blend of smells that brings me back to times of simplicity, times that were uncorrupted by the modern world. A time when you saw the alien world beneath your feet with a magnifying glass of curiosity and the noise and impressions of the outside world shut off. In these moments, I stray from all thoughts of forced responsibility by the industrial revolutionized world, capitalistic greed, and societal expectations." - Patrick Bjørsrud