Torschlusspanik - Intersexual Healing


"Originated in 2013, Torschlusspanik (Luna Mitchell) is “a middle-aged Tennessee gal's outlet for mostly unpleasant and nonrealistic music” that has been summarized as "maximalist electro-acoustic" in the past. A wide scramble of sounds are “crudely forced into sound collage and (vague) song format intended for weaponizing emotional overstimulation and mulling over lost opportunity as time is near expired”

“My process for this album began with finding hundreds of sample sources that I felt sounded good together, nothing more. I used to place more value on creating the majority of my own samples, but I wanted to relax that standard. Most tracks have no additional recordings from myself included this time around. As I began to manipulate and "play" these samples together, forming the earliest demos in late 2021, I realized what kind of narrative and emotional portrait I ultimately hoped to create. It's a little over a year later and I don't think there's anything left but to see whether others feel as strongly about these songs as I do.”

Proceeds from our release of “Intersexual Healing” benefit interACT. InterACT uses innovative legal strategies to advocate for the human rights of children born with intersex traits. Fostering youth advocates and raising awareness via media, the team works to end non consensual surgeries on intersex children."