Vile Execution - Waste & Rot (second pressing)

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"From the smoking viscera of Victoria, BC’s Gnosis, the birth pangs of an altogether even more malignant entity surfaces in the form of Vile Execution and their debut EP, Waste & Rot. Much like a cancerous newborn, nurtured in the womb on sewage and nuclear fallout, Vile Execution emerge with a sound at war with itself - a surging blast of death metal that constantly skirts the line between technicality and overt bestiality. Like a machine fused with some mutated organism, the two natures clash throughout the three tracks that make up Waste & Rot, pendulously flowing from moments of abject barbarity and simplicity into hypnotic digressions of thoughtful atmosphere, all the while manifested in razor sharp musicianship.
Vile Execution wield this dualistic nature to extreme lethality, crafting songs that call to both the blood as well as the mind, harboring seeds of bands like Suffocation or Malevolent Creation within their twisted genetics.

Through Waste & Rot, Vile Execution emerge into existence in a fanfare of calculated violence, tearing away from Gnosis to stand apart as a figure of impetuous hostility to be feared." - Brayden Turenne (RUINOUS POWER, ex-DREGMARTYR)